How it all began...

In the 1960’s Spadina and College was the place for artist to live and work, crammed with studios at every block. At the time Gwartzman’s was a Discount Drapery and Fabric store, owned and run by Mr. G.

Often artists would come into the store looking for canvas, so the Gwartzman’s brought in canvas of all different types and widths to accommodate the artists.

Once we became known for our discount canvas, the artists then came looking for paint, brushes, and all types of art supplies. The drapery and fabrics were eventually moved to make room for a larger selection of art materials, and we started sourcing products from Europe and the Far East.

Finally we took on the name, Gwartzman’s Discount Art Supplies. Almost 50 years later, 2nd and 3rd generation Gwartzman’s are carrying on the business, alongside the famous Mr.G!