Faber-Castell - Pitt Graphite Matt Pencils - Individual

  • $2.69 CAD
-Reduction of reflection: this special characteristic is also represented by a development from Faber-Castell that gives a basic tool that has always been highly glossy fantastic new properties
-Pitt Graphite Matt is the first graphite pencil with a matt and deep black lead
-The pencil thus fulfils not so much the fashionable as the very practical needs of artists and graphic designers from all over the world who want or need to communicate their work in digital ways
-When you photograph or scan a drawing made with conventional pencils, the shiny graphite automatically creates reflections - with the result that the representation is partially unrecognisable and you have to look at it longer and from different angles to get a full impression
These problems are now a thing of the past: the new graphite pencil from Faber-Castell guarantees extremely reduced reflection on the paper and thus true-to-the-original reproduction possibilities
Like all Faber-Castell pencils, it is extra break-resistant, lightfast and has an environmentally friendly water-based varnish. Visually, however, the Pitt Graphite Matt differs from the other models
-While pencils usually have a slightly glossy finish, it has a matt lacquer. And thus embodies the credo "Matt is the new black"