Colour Shaper - Silicone Brush - Size 16 - Flat Chisle - Firm 722480124167

  • $41.19 CAD

-Highly versatile new painting tools

-Allows you to shape and re-shape paint,create surface effects that are not possible with other painting tools, blend,mark and lift

-Valuable additional resource for anyone who enjoys arts or crafts-they are a perfect complement to your artist brushes

-Available in firm for control over heavy body and paste paints and soft for responsiveness with fluid and soft colours

-Allows you to move paint easily, apply pastel, carve images in wet paint, sculpt clay and creatively decorate walls and furniture

-They do not absorb paint like a brush, so you can simply wipe them clean!

-Made from a rubber composite with seamless nickel ferrules and lacquered hardwood handles