Beam - Watercolour Set - Northern Lights Birch Palette - 6 Colours

Beam Paints introduces it's first collection of ethical mica colours! 
Bring a spark to your palette these 100 percent pigment and binder watercolours sourced from Georgia, USA. All in a hand-cut birch round.

Colours include:

  • Boahjihgehjik Zhaawaazhonia'aande - Dreamer's Gold (Ethical Mica)
  • Chiigbii'aande - Beach Sand (PR122, Ethical Mica)
  • Ace'ense - Shell (Ethical Mica)
  • Mkwum Ziibiihns - Glacial Rivers (PB15:1, Ethical Mica)
  • Niibiiwzih Mukwa - Wet Grizzly (PY164, Ethical Mica)
  • B'boon Naakshek - Wintery Night (PB15:1, PY164, Ethical Mica)