Gwartzman's - Acrylic Kit

This staff curated kit is the perfect way start your acrylic painting journey! Gwartzman's brand of 6 acrylic colours, brushes, canvas paper, canvases and mini canvas pins are ready for your creations, and to help keep your acrylic paint from drying out, an amazing Sta-Wet Palette! 

Comes beautifully wrapped so all you need to do is place it underneath the Christmas tree!

The Acrylic Kit includes:

  • a Gwartzman's Acrylic Starter Set, with 6 x 120ml tubes
  • a 6 pieces Princeton Real Value brush pack (9140)
  • a 5 pieces plastic palette knife set
  • one 12x16" Fredrix canvas pad
  • two 16x20" stretched canvases
  • a Master's Mini Canvas Pin pack
  • one Sta-Wet Handy Palette 7x8.5"