Gwartzman's - Oil Painting Set - 7 Pieces

  • $89.45 CAD

-Fredrix Canvas Paper Pad 12”x 16”
-2 Canvas Pack 12”x16”
-Princeton Real Value Brush Set (9130)
-“The Masters” Artist Survival Kit
-Demco Linseed Oil 120ml
-Georgian Oil Paints 38ml in Ivory Black, Primary Yellow, Permanent Blue and Pyrrole Red, Titanium White
Wooden Palette

Have you ever wanted to take up oil painting but weren’t sure where to start? Gwartzman’s has your covered! 5 tubes of paint, a palette, linseed oil and brushes are a great place to begin.

Start your sketches on the Canvas Paper Pad, and when you’re ready there are two canvases to perfect your painting on. The kit also contains the Artist Survival kit- it helps keep you and your brushes clean!


*Staff curated!