Sculpey III Oven Bake Polymer Clay Set of 10 Classics Gwartzmans Art Supplies

Sculpey III Set of 10 - Classic Colours


  • $33.75 CAD

Sculpey III is Canada's favorite ovenbake clay. It's soft and pliable right out of the package. Sculpey III sculpts well with modeling tools, can be easily rolled and cut, color-blended, extruded through the Sculpey Clay Extruder, or formed over armatures such as foil, wire or glass. Ease of use makes it ideal for kids as young as kindergarten age, yet excellent for general crafting of jewelry, figurines, home decor... even millefiori!
Set includes 2 oz bars of clay: Black, White, Chocolate, Emerald, Yellow, Just Orange, Beige, Red, Purple & Blue.

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