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Stabilo - Pen 68 - Coloured Pens - Set of 10 - Item #6810-PL

  • $9.00
  • $13.00
-HIGH-QUALITY FELT-TIP PEN - If you are looking for countless drawing options and high efficiency, STABILO Pen 68 is going to be your new best colouring friend. It was this fibre-tip pen that gained STABILO its reputation for unbeatable German premium quality since 1966.
-COLOUR-INTENSIVE, ODOURLESS, WATER-BASED - This premium felt-tip pen is colour-intensive for strong lines and large areas. It has water-based odourless ink, with high brilliance and luminosity.
-EVEN INK APPLICATION - The pen offers a robust M-tip (line width approx. 1mm) for even ink application that can be perfectly used for bold lines and large areas. You can also create aquarelle masterpieces by blending colours using just a brush and some water.
-24-HOUR CAP-OFF TIME - This product will really surprise you with its high performance – 24-hour cap off time. You can leave the cap off for up to 24 hours without compromising the integrity of the ink and tip.
-SET OF 10 COLOURS IN A WALLET CASE - Start colouring now in a whopping 10 colours of Pen 68 Colouring Felt-tip Marker Pen, in a plastic wallet set.
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