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Sennelier Oil Pastels

Sennelier Oil Pastels

When we think of Sennelier oil pastels certain words immediately come to mind on how to describe them. Luscious , soft, smooth , creamy, think of lipstick for painters, or drawing with butter.

In the 80’s when we first imported Sennelier oil pastels directly from France nobody was really familiar with them but even without internet they very quickly became customer favourites. A gorgeous wooden pastel display held all the colours and each drawer showcased the collection of all the colours including metallics, iridescents and fluorescents.

We are so excited to have these lovely pastels back in our store. We have a beautiful new display so you can see all the colours without having to carefully open a drawer.

They are also available in gorgeous set collections.Sennelier has been manufacturing oil pastels since 1949 first used by Pablo Picasso. Made with the best pigments , a pure synthetic binding medium and mineral wax allowing the artist to use this product on a variety of surfaces. It’s no wonder these pastels continue to be an artist favourite.


See set collections:

 SENNELIER OIL PASTEL Sennelier - Oil Pastels - Set of 24 


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