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Beam - Handmade Watercolours - Martin "White Flower" Paintstone Bundle - Set of 4 Colours

  • $48.00 CAD

Inspired by the majestic minimalism of Canadian born painter, Agnes Martin. This palette is named for White Flower, one of Martin’s key works of understated elegance.

Pure, saturated pigment suspended in a homemade binder. Vivid colour re-wets beautifully, lightfast. Wrapped in a waxed cloth for travelling.

Colours included:

  • Mkdeh’aande - Mars Black (PBK11)
  • Ngwanquat - Ultra Grey (PB29, PY43, PR170, PW6)
  • Chi’ngwaankwat - Payne’s Grey (PB29, PY43, PR170)
  • Waabshkaa'aazhbiik - Limestone White (PW6)
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