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Beam - Handmade Watercolours - Mixing 6 Pine Palette - Set of 6 Colours

  • $65.00 CAD

Message from Beam Paints:

"When I was in art school I went with a much loved but ragtag set of hand me down paints, and I used those in a lot of my painting classes and not well! Raised by artists, and always in art class, I was quietly accepting that I was just not good at mixing colours, and I would layer some but mostly use them from the tube or jar. Later as an artist I would look at colleagues who mixed beautiful hues with appreciation resigned to my standard palette. Then as a paint maker I realized I just never had the right palette!!! This is the set, with these colours clean bright mixes happen effortlessly! Happy painting! "

Pure, saturated pigment suspended in a homemade binder. Vivid colour re-wets beautifully, lightfast. 4 Large pans in a square of beeswax finish pine wood.

Colours include:

  • Neebin Giizis - Summer Sun Red (PR170)
  • Wiigwaasmin'aande - Wild Cherry Magenta (PR122)
  • Dwaagi Aadzibuk - Fall Poplar Yellow (PY74)
  • Gchi Gaaming - Great Ocean (PB29)
  • Geygah Naakshek - Almost Night (PB15:1)
  • Waabshkaa'aazhbiik - Limestone White (PW6)

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