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da Vinci - Watercolour Brushes - Set of 3 - Botanical Art Set

  • $77.99 CAD

As botanical art gets more and more popular all over the world, da Vinci brushes have created a set specifically for this subject, which is ideally suited for watercolour painting of plant motives. Perfect for not only watercolourists but those artists who love to use inks in their artwork.

Contains 3 high-quality da Vinci brushes:

  • a size 2 Casaneo Series 498 quill wash brush; fine round tip with an enormously high colour absorbing capacity:
  • a size 2 Nova synthetic Series 5570 round brush;  long point, the perfect tool for particularly fine details:
  • a size 8 COSMOTOP-SPIN Series 5880 flat brush; for adding structure

The design of the paper insert was created by the very successful Australian blogger and artist Polina Bright.

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