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Stoneground - Gouache Half Pans - Set of 12 Colours

  • $209.95 CAD

Stoneground gouache colours are beautifully crafted handmade paints from Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada. With the same great lightfastness and consistency found in their watercolours, these honey based paints are perfect for adding the finishing touches to a watercolour piece, or creating work where a matte, opaque finish is the goal.

The twelve colour set includes:

  • Daffodil
  • Hansa Yellow
  • Brilliant Orange
  • Naphthol red
  • Rowe's Garden
  • Saskatoon Berry
  • Delft Cobalt Blue
  • Azure Blue
  • Cobalt Aquamarine
  • Chromium Oxide Green
  • Raw Umber Dark Neutral
  • Titanium White

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