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Aves - Safety Solvent - 4oz Bottle

  • $14.99 CAD
  • Easy clean-up  & Smoothing agent, For use with Aves® Apoxie® & FIXIT® products & other epoxy brands
  • Aves® Safety Solvent makes finishing work & clean up easy! Use with Aves® Apoxie® & FIXIT® products
  • Works great with other brands of epoxy. Recommended for smoothing, seaming, feathering, texturing, tooling, and quickly cleaning your tools, brushes and surfaces
  • Remove excess material, fingerprints, unwanted residue and film from your project using a couple drops of Safety Solvent on a paper towel, brush or Q-tip before epoxy sets up
  • Also removes saps, inks, markers, paints & stains from fabrics, brushes and other surfaces
  • Always test surface or fabric for colour fastness & structure

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