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Koh-I-Noor - 5.6mm Metal Lead Holder

  • $31.99 CAD
Mechanical propelling pencil with lead diameter 5.6 mm, for writing, drawing, and architecure. The holder is made of metal (aluminium alloy) and is a round shaped profile, yellow anodic oxidation. There is a sharpener connector between the sharpener and envelope where visible spring is inserted. The lead is moved by pressing the sharpener knob in leaned pencil position, which presses the spring and opens the clamp and the lead is slid out as needed. There is a sharpener in the knob and the lead can be sharpened after screwing the sharpener out. The graphite lead can be replaced by pastel leads. The mechanical pencil is stored in a wooden stand (plywood) and inserted in the PET plastic transparent package with eurohanger. Following removal from the packaging the stand can be used to store pencils on table. The Koh-i-noor logo is laser engraved on the cylinder part of the envelope and on the upper part of the stand.

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