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Gwartzman's is happy to provide insight to any questions you might have regarding art materials-- what's the difference between brush tip shapes? What does all the labelling on the back of a paint tube or jar mean? Find these answers and more below!

The art community can be a fantastic place to gain inspiration! Check out local artists that you may be familiar with, and some new art and new faces. Look inside studios big and small, and learn about some of our own favourite big names in the art world.
Ziller's Ink

Ziller's Ink

Ziller's Ink is a high quality concentrated versatile ink. It can be used in many artistic creations such as calligraphy, comics airbrushing, ruling pens, and painting. It is perfect using your studio tools such as steel pointed nibs, board edge pens and brushes.Some key notes about Ziller's inks...