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Ziller's Ink

Ziller's Ink

Ziller's Ink is a high quality concentrated versatile ink. It can be used in many artistic creations such as calligraphy, comics airbrushing, ruling pens, and painting. It is perfect using your studio tools such as steel pointed nibs, board edge pens and brushes.

Some key notes about Ziller's inks:

  • Lightfast- some colour exceptions
  • Highly pigmented
  • PH balanced
  • Waterproof
  • Pre-mixed
  • Wide mouth jar for easy dipping
  • Flows well from both pointed and broad edge pens and nibs
  • Creates a similar look to gouache when dry
  • Water soluble- just dilute with distilled water
  • Easy clean up with pen cleaner
  • Vegan
  • Adeheres to many surfaces: paper,canvas,wood,metal,some plastics, glass
  • Conforms to non toxic ASTM D-4236.

And if all that doesn't get you excited about this amazing ink. How about 32 colours to choose from including:

  • Aqua Blue Green
  • Aspen Gold
  • Azure Blue
  • Buffalo Brown
  • Cardinal Red
  • Charcoal
  • Cranberry
  • Daffodil Yellow
  • Flamingo Pink
  • French Lavender
  • Glossy Black
  • Ivory
  • Lagoon Blue
  • Mauve Mist
  • Meadow Green
  • Midnight Blue
  • Nasturtium Orange
  • North Wind White
  • Peach Blush
  • Periwinkle Blue
  • Prairie Fire Orange
  • Sterling Silver
  • Spring Green
  • Soot Black
  • Sunflower Yellow
  • Sweet Grass Green
  • Tranquil Taupe
  • Wild Rose Pink
  • Wild Viola Violet
  • Winter Sky Gray
  • Wisteria

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Available in 1 oz/29.5ml bottles and sets.

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