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Speedball Modeling Paste

Speedball Modeling Paste

Speedball Modeling paste is one of those products that is unknown to so many artists but those who have tried it are lifelong users. Have you ever wanted to create texture on your canvas or wood panel and aren't sure what to do other than thick coats of paint?

Well one solution is modeling paste. Easy to apply with knife,trowel or brush.
Speedball modeling paste is one of the best on the market for artists and a great price point. 

This multi-purpose modeling paste allows artists to achieve three-dimensional effects by producing thick areas of texture that are also lightweight. It dries quickly and may be painted, carved or sanded once dry. Ideal for painting, sculpture and crafts, this modeling paste will not darken or yellow over time. 

Once it is dry on your surface you can apply any good quality acrylic paint saving you from using lots of paint to create the same look!

Next time you are looking to create some texture on your work check out this amazing product from Speedball.

Available in 16oz, 32oz, and 128oz.


  • Posted by Gwartzman's Art Supplies on

    Hi Kathleen. Sounds like you aren’t doing anything wrong. We’ve heard from others customers that Speedball’s modelling paste does take a while to dry. You could try applying a thinner layer, otherwise just stay patient!

  • Posted by Kathleen August on

    My Speedball modeling paste takes forever to dry. I applied it early in the afternoon and at 9pm it still wasn’t dry

    I didn’t add anything to it – and the surface I applied it to was completely dry.

    Am I doing something wrong?

    Thank you!

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