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Unison Colour - Handmade Soft Pastels - Loes Botman Birds Essentials - 18 Full Sticks

  • $155.00 CAD

Carefully selected by artist Loes Botman, who's great love for animals has inspired her work for over 30 years, these pastels represent a range of colours that can capture the vibrant variety of colours found in birds around the world.

  • Highly pigmented and rich handmade pastels
  • Soft and smooth texture
  • Easy to blend and work with
  • Highly rated for lightfastness
  • Hand-made in the UK

Colours: Red Earth 6, Additional 15, Orange 2, Additional 12, Dark 19, Portrait 10, Additional 49, Blue Green 1, Blue Green 7, Blue Green 16, Blue Green Earth 5, Additional 46, Blue Violet 4, Blue Violet 8, Yellow Green Earth 12, Brown Earth 3, Light 12, Yellow Green Earth 9.

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