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Whiskey Painters - The Behemoth - Half, Full, and Large Pans - Item #WP2062

  • $499.99 CAD

-Whiskey Painters Behemoth Palette is... The Ultimate Artist Watercolor, Multi media Art Studio Palette Box.

-The Behemoth hand-made in Italy.  Only 25 are made in a year.

-Comes with the seal of authenticity and a serial # from our Whiskey Painters Factory in Italy.

-With the Behemoth you need nothing else. It is the LARGEST palette in our series.

-Solid Stainless Steel Palette - with a matte gunmetal grey finish. Size is 7"x14" in size and weighs just over 4 lbs

-There are spaces to hold full, half cups. and stainless steel cups.

-There is open space to hold art tools, brushes, spatulas, erasers and other accessories. There are 18 specialty made steel cups that are and encaustic artists dream.

-These handy cups can be filled with encaustic paints and then placed onto a heated pan and used right from the cups.

-Great for encaustic, gouache, pastels, oil paint, watercolor paints and more.

-Not recommended for acrylics as the box is not an airtight seal and acrylics could dry.

-With the Behemoth you need nothing else...

-Comes with: Palette , custom case , 36 full pans, 50 half pans.

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