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Alumicolor - AlumiCutter - Steel Edge - 18" Straight Edge - Silver

  • $28.99 CAD
-18"LENGTH - Standard 18" aluminum Steel Edge ruler is perfect for measuring, cutting, drafting and any craft project
-INNOVATIVE DESIGN - The raised edge and finger groove are designed to protect fingers while cutting with a hobby knife or rotary blade and ideal for any art project
-SILVER STEEL EDGE RULER AND MEASURING TOOL - Our superior-quality silver extruded aluminum is imprinted using photo anodizing process that makes for a uniform finish and color, through this process calibrations become a permanent part of the aluminum and will not wear off over time
-DURABLE CONSTRUCTION WITH NON-SLIP BACK - Quality construction uses a recessed non-slip neoprene backing that keeps the Alumicutter in place with just a light touch
-ALUMICOLOR IS QUALITY - Each Alumicutter is made with the highest quality extruded aluminum and features photo adonized calibrations that won't rub off over time

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