Animation Portfolio Workshop Kit (APW Kit)

  • $208.82 CAD

* If you are picking this up in person please be aware that this kit weighs 70lbs. Transportation recommended.

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Greetings budding animators! This is the Animation Portfolio Workshop kit and includes everything you need to begin your journey as an animator. The kit is discounted to provide you with the best deal to start off your new endeavour. Kit is sold IN FULL and items within CANNOT be replaced or removed. (Items can also be purchased on our website individually)

Every student will need a material kit, and those participating in the online course will also need the drawing board. The board is 18x24" and can be used with the bulldog clips to hold your newsprint pad while drawing.

Material kit includes:

40 x Newsprint Pads, 18x24"

1 x Crayola Crayons, 24pack

10 x Large Lyra Graphite Sticks, 9b

2 x Bulldog Clips, 3"

1 x 18x24" drawing board

1 x Tracing Roll, 18"x20yard

4 x Kneaded erasers

1 x Canson animation paper, 100 sheets 10.5x12.5"

2 x Bamboo Skewer

1 x Animation Peg Bar - Metal

1 x Glue Stick, 15g

2 x #27 Illustration Board, 15x20" 

1 x Cork-back Ruler, 18"

1 x Canson Universal Sketch Pad, 9x12"

1 x Olfa L1 Knife

1 x Olfa LB-5B Blades

*All assembled kits are final sale and are non-refundable and non-exchangeable.