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Beam - Handmade Watercolours - Great Lakes Paintstone Bundle - Set of 6 Colours

  • $64.99 CAD

A collection of 6 blues, ranging through the many colours the great lakes can show us.

Pure, saturated pigment suspended in a homemade binder. Vivid colour re-wets beautifully, lightfast. Wrapped in a waxed cloth for travelling.

Colours included:

  • Geygaa Naakshek'aande - Almost Night (PB15:1)
  • Prussian Blue (PB27)
  • Gchigaaming’aande - Great Ocean (PB29)
  • Mkwum’aande - Ice Blue (PB29, PW6)
  • Zaagiganing'aande - Lake Huron Teal (PG7)
  • Ngwanquat - Ultra Grey (PB29, PY43, PR170, PW6)
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