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Beam - Handmade Watercolours - Primary Trio + Gold Pine Palette - Set of 4 Colours

  • $45.00 CAD

A plentiful supply of 3 gorgeous primaries, selected for their ease of mixing, as well as a glittering gold.

Pure, saturated pigment suspended in a homemade binder. Vivid colour re-wets beautifully, lightfast. 4 Large pans in a square of beeswax finish pine wood.

Colours included:

  • Geygaa Naakshek'aande - Almost Night (PB15:1)
  • Odemin - Strawberry Red (PR170)
  • Dwaagi’Azaadibuk’aande - Fall Poplar Yellow (PY74)
  • Boahjihgehjik Zhaawaazhonia'aande - Dreamer's Gold (Ethical Mica)
Back in soon!