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Beam - Handmade Watercolours - Spring Brights! Birch Palette - Set of 5 Colours

  • $55.00 CAD

Hand cut and sanded palettes made from reclaimed birch with bark still on. Filled with just pigment and binder, so saturated that the personality of the pigment really shows through.

Colours included:

  • Giizhgaande - Sky Blue (PB15:1, PW)
  • Zhaawbmide - Butter (PY74, PW6)
  • Piitchi Waawnun'aande - Robin's Egg Blue (PG7, PW6)
  • Memmemgwanh Waaskoneh’aande - Milkweed (PB15:1, PY74, PW6)
  • Chiigbii Giinii’aande - Beach Rose (PR122, PW6)
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