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Manetti - Genuine Gold Leaf - 12kt - White Gold - ATTENTION: Please read carefully.

  • $59.00 CAD

Genuine gold leaf is used for artistic decoration and restoration, for gilded lettering and signs, and people are always finding new applications in interior design and architecture. It is also used for gilded decorations, for furniture or for gilded applications on glass and smooth surfaces.

Genuine gold leaf is sold in a 3 3/8" x 3 3/8" books of 25 leaves. covers approximately1.98 sq. ft. (0.17 m^2)

Made in Italy

All gold, silver and copper leaf are FINAL SALE! Please contact customer service for quantity pricing

This item does not qualify for any discounts. If a discount code is applied to this product and extra charge will have to be collected post-purchase.

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