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Molotow - Liquid Chrome Marker - 2mm Tip

  • $17.99 CAD

The highly pigmented special ink of Liquid Chrome markers is unique due to its mirror effect and its unrivalled scratch and abrasion resistance.

Molotow launched the special ink Liquid Chrome with mirror effect. The liquid chrome is the result of a long-term development of the also well-known Burner ink from Molotow. Liquid Chrome is available as markers. The ink can be sprayed easily through the finest nozzle. A smooth, non-absorbent surface is necessary to achieve the best mirror effect.

The highly pigmented alcohol-based special ink creates a real mirror effect and has been enthusiastically received by the graffiti, hobby and D.I.Y. scene. It comes as no surprise therefore that some sort of hype emerged about the markers. The ink can also be used in custom painting, illustration or scale modelling. In combination with candy, anodized colours can be created in custom painting. In scale modelling, bumpers and other things can be set in a realistic scene. The ink is highly opaque, permanent and has a good UV resistance.

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