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Nazionale - Imitation Gold Leaf - 14 cm x 14 cm Books - ATTENTION: Please read carefully.

  • $8.99 CAD

Imitation gold leaf or Dutch Gold is perfect for any gilding project. 

Apply to frames, artwork, furniture, books and so much more to add a bit of *shine* to any of your projects. Apply using Dux oil or water based size. Finish with Dux Gloss or Satin Topcoat.

14 cm x 14 cm.

Available in 4 colours.

Each book has 25 leaves.

Made in Italy

All gold, silver and copper leaf are FINAL SALE! No exchanges, no refunds

Please Note: This item does not qualify for any discounts during a sale. If a discount code is applied to this product and extra charge will have to be collect post-purchase.

Please contact customer service for bulk purchase.

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