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New Wave - Plein Air - Stretched Canvas Holder - 5.5x10"

  • $46.77 CAD

The u.go Plein Air Stretched Canvas Holder allows you to comfortably hold substrates up to 7/8" thick or less, with your u.go Pochade Box (small, medium or large). Great for holding stretched canvas, cradled wood panels, watercolor blocks, and sketch books.

This set comes with a top and bottom holder. The stainless steel is cut and angled at exact dimensions, providing a superior hold when painting on thicker substrates. In addition, the slight angle of the top and bottom holder prevents the holders from coming in contact with your wet painting.

The Stretched Canvas Holder functions magnetically, just like your u.go Panel Holders and u.go Panel Extenders. Please note, the Stretched Canvas Holder will need to be removed from your u.go Pochade Box before closing.

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