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PanPastel - Painting Pastels - 10 Colour Seascape Set

  • $85.99 CAD
  • PanPastel colours are genuine artists quality pastels uniquely packed in a pan format.
  • Developed so that artists can easily lift, apply and control pastel colour just like true painting.
  • The pan format holds the colour like paint for easy application.
  • Loaded with the highest quality artists pigments and have a rich, ultra-soft, low-dust formulation.
  • Fully erasable and compatible with traditional pastel sticks, surfaces, conventional fixatives.


  • 1 x Turquoise 580.5
  • 1 x Phthalo Blue Tint 560.8
  • 1 x Phthalo Blue
  • 1 x Ultramarine 520.5
  • 1 x Ultramarine Blue Shade 520.3
  • 1 x Ultramarine Blue Tint 520.8
  • 1 x Neutral Grey 820.5
  • 1 x Neutral Gray Tint 820.7
  • 1 x Titanium White 100.5
  • 1 x Payne's Grey 840.3
  • 2 x Storage Jars
  • 2 x Sofft Sponge Bars
  • 4 x Sofft Knife Covers (No.1 & No.2)
  • 2 x Sofft Mini Applicators

Attention: Please note while our shipping team does wrap and protect the pans, due to their sensitive nature the pans can easily break. You may choose to pick up in-store to avoid this, or choose shipping at your discretion. Based on this, we cannot offer return or replacement for items affected during shipping.

Read our blog post for an easy guide to fix your broken PanPastel. 

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