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Schmincke - Horadam Aquarell - Super Granulation Watercolours - Sets of 5x5mL Tubes

  • $57.99 CAD

Supergranulating colours are watercolours with a special property: the combination of at least 2 granulating HORADAM® pigments intensifies this effect to "supergranulation".
The colours are formulated with pigments from different colour ranges, resulting in additional colour changes besides the granulation effect. For example, the shade "Deep Sea Indigo" (14 952) is a combination of violet and green pigments, while "Glacier Brown" (14 965) contains a brown and a green pigment. This novel, natural structure formation of the colours varies depending on the paper and the amount of water used. The rougher the paper, the stronger the granulating effect.

Available sets:

  • Deep Sea
  • Forest
  • Galaxy
  • Glacier


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