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Tintoretto - Signature Artist Kit: MaxArt - 4 Piece Minature Painting Brush Set

  • $75.99 CAD

A curated selection of Tintoretto brushes for miniature painting by Italian artist, Massimiliano Richiero.

Artist Kit includes:

  • 1x Martora Kolinsky sable hair brush from Series 37, a round tip in size 0
  • 1x Emerald synthetic brush from Series 270, a round tip in size 2/0
  • 1x thin synthetic brush from Series 595, a round tip in size 10/0
  • 1x Bronze synthetic brush from Series 450, a round tip in size 2

Unique, traditional, elegant designed brushes. Made in Italy.

“I’m a big fan of comic books, I used to collect them in primary school and enjoyed drawing my favourite characters. My passion for miniatures games started later, around the age of 12, when I bought my first box of Warhammer miniatures from Games Workshop. From that moment on, my passion for the “fantasy world” intertwined with that for comics. As I went on, I continued to cultivate my predisposition for drawing and art in general: I attended and graduated from the Liceo Artistico specialising in industrial design, and later enrolled at Accademia di Belle Arti di Torino in the Scenography section”. -Massimiliano Richiero

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