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Tintoretto - Aquasynt - Series 1415 - Synthetic Goat Hair Brush - Size 8

  • $29.49 CAD

-Aquasynt traditional round brush
-White goat synthetic fibre
-Plastic ferrule
-Short wooden aquamarine handle
-Tumbled painted

- Only remove the outer safety cap not the metal ferrule and plastic cover. It's what makes this brush unique

From the most innovative synthetic fibres and the precious collaboration with the watercolour Master Felice Feltracco, the new 1415 AQUASYNT series is born, a cruelty free evolution of the 1412 Aquasoft series. Even softer than 1412’s natural hair, the synthetic AQUASYNT grants a greater colour retention, allowing a much smoother and more continuous brushstroke in large backgrounds and washes. Like the first Feltracco line, 1415 series maintains the fundamental characteristics of being brushes made with tumbled painted handles, therefore waterproof, and of having the ferrules in plastic material instead of natural quill, thus making the new AQUASYNT brush 100% CRUELTY FREE in every detail.

Made in Italy

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