Unison Colour - Individual Handmade Soft Pastels - Earth Tones

  • $7.63 CAD
Each Unison Colour soft pastel is carefully handmade with high-quality pure pigments and long-lasting ingredients, and very little binder. Highly pigmented and rich soft pastels, that are all slightly different in shape but all equally beautiful. 

The Earth Tones colours are made with exclusively with pigment from the earth. The colours range from rich browns, through sandy shades and on to a light grey, with a rocky undertone. This natural pigment means their texture, particularly in the deeper colours, can have a slight grit. 
  • Highly pigmented and rich handmade pastels
  • Soft and smooth texture
  • Easy to blend and work with
  • Highly rated for lightfastness
  • Hand-made soft pastels from the UK
  • Sold individually