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Willow Wolfe - Watercolour Class Bundle

  • $109.99 CAD
  • $118.45 CAD

Learn to paint watercolour flowers with a few simple strokes. Basic strokes are the foundation for beautiful loose watercolour flowers. You’ll learn the basic strokes and how to combine them to paint beautiful one-of-a-kind florals with ease. Willow will also introduce you to some simple colour mixing methods using a split primary palette to get beautiful and vibrant colours every time.

  • Callia Watercolour Flowers Brush Set (2, 6,12 Round and 8 Filbert)
  • Van Gogh Watercolour block 9.4x12.6"
  • Van Gogh Watercolour tubes:
       - Permanent Red Light
       - Quinacridone Rose
       - Azo Yellow Light
       - Azo Yellow Medium
       - Sap Green
       - Ultramarine Blue Deep
       - Phthalo Blue

Optional Colours:
Burnt Umber - Payne's Grey - Yellow Ochre

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