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Art Project: Gift Wrap

Taking your wrapped gift or present to the next level is easy - just customize the wrapping paper! We've chosen Winsor & Newton Promarkers since they're easy to use, blend able and very vibrant, along with some Winsor & Newton Drawing Ink in gold to add a bit of sparkle! But you can do this craft with a lot of different materials including acrylic paint, print making, stamps, or pencil crayons. 

Materials you'll need:

Step 1
Neatly wrap your gift in plain paper. Secure it with tape. Try to avoid a very light or transparent paper, you don't want to see the gift inside

Step 2
Get started on your design! You can draw whatever you wish including doodles to make a print or a large winter scene like this ice skater.


Step 3
Add some sparkle and shine using the Winsor & Newton Drawing Ink in gold|

And you're done! The promarkers dry very quickly but give the drawing ink some time to dry and you'll have a finished and beautiful hand-drawn gift wrap. You can do this for everyone on your list to make it extra special!

No matter what or how you celebrate the holiday we hope you spend it with some art. Happy Holidays!

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