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Different Artist Tools

Different Artist Tools

As an art store, we know (and have seen) many different tools used by artists to create effects, textures, and a little something special to artwork. We've created a list of some of the interesting and unique artist tools we carry, but we know there are so many more.

Catalyst Silicone Blades and Wedges
Catalyst has created versatile silicone tools, allowing artists to explore a new form of expression. Their heat-resistant nature, making them great to be used with and R&F encaustics. Can be used with wax, oils, acrylics, water-mixable oils, and even frosting (yes they're made of FDA-approved silicone, so they're great for food crafting). Available in many different types and sizes.


Mahl Stick
A mahlstick is a stick with a soft leather or padded head used by painters to support their hand while holding a paintbrush. This Professional Mahl Stick by Whiskey Painters has two separate pieces to accommodate any sized canvas or surface. This is a great tool if you're a little unsteady.

WHISKEY PAINTERS MAHL STICK Whiskey Painters Mahl Stick 35 7/8"

Paddle Brush
This odd looking Freestyle Paddle Brush by Liquitex allows you to get closer to your supports. It has shorter bristles which let you easily and precisely load, hold and manipulate the color and/or mediums. This is a great tool to have if you often work with thick consistencies, want to loosen up your work, smudge or create straight, firm marks and edges. Plus it comes in a few widths.

LIQUITEX PADDLE BRUSH Liquitex Paddle Brush 4"

Hake Brush
This Hake Brush by Jack Richeson is a traditional flat wash brush with that is sewn into a beautiful unfinished wooden handle. It's made of 100% wool, making it very soft. This brush is ideal for watercolour and dyes as they hold a lot of paint, and cover plenty of surface.

JACK RICHESON HAKE BRUSH Jack Richeson Hake Brush 3"

Painting Knives
Painting knives are probably one of the most versatile tools an artist can have. They can be used to mix paint and colours, add textures and paste, applying different techniques like impasto, and scraping away the paint on a surface.

LIQUITEX PAINTING KNIFE #1 Liquitex Painting Knives - Large

Escoda Badger Hair Brush
Badger Hair Brushes by Escoda allow artists to create imitations or special effects on marble, stone, wood or plaster, and also highly used in glass and stained-glass industry.

ESCODA 6835 BRUSH Escoda Badger 6835 Brush 4 1/2"
We hope this blog post opened your eyes to some different tools and inspired you to giving one or all of them a try!

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