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Georgian Oils

Georgian Oils by Daler-Rowney have been the UK's best-selling oil colours for decades and now they've gained a reputation around the world. Whether you’re an art student at the beginning of your oil painting journey or you’re a dabhand, any oil painting artist can enjoy using Daler-Rowney’s oil paint range, Georgian – named after the brand’s founder.

The Daler-Rowney Georgian Oil paint range is made to the same exacting standards as the Professional Artists' Oil Colour, promising a reliable collection for an excellent price. Traditionally crafted and triple-milled to preserve the long-established quality, each of the Georgian oil paint colours is high performing, permanent, intermixable and experiences no shift in colour from wet to dry. Every batch is matched for colour and texture against exacting standards to ensure they will perform perfectly anywhere in the world, from the Amazon to Antarctica. Used straight from the tube, Georgian Oil delivers the impasto technique with ease, while thinning down with a medium smoothes the consistency for greater coverage.

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