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Essdee - Lino Cutting & Printing Kit - 23 Pieces

  • $59.99 CAD

The ultimate lino cutting and printmaking kit; it includes a wide selection of tools and materials. You can experiment with artisan printmaking techniques, compare traditional lino and SoftCut materials, or just make stamps with the 3-in-1 barren. Perfect for beginners.


  • a safety lino cutter with aluminum ferrule
  • a line cutter handle, barren cap and base
  • six lino cutter blades
  • a 10cm (4") brayer
  • a hand guard
  • a 100mL (3.3oz) tube of black ink
  • an inking tray
  • two 17.8x12.7cm (7x5") lino blocks
  • two 15x10cm (6x4") SoftCut blocks
  • two 45mm round printing stamps
  • a disc holder
  • a sheet of instructions

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