Fome - Small Printing Press - 12x6" - Item #3620

  • $349.00 CAD

Fome's constant attention to quality and innovative research, the use of cutting-edge technologies and a careful choice of raw materials, are the strengths to ensure customers a qualified and competitive product from every point of view.

  Size: 25 x 23,5 x 17 H cm
  Weight: 6 kg
  Width of roller: 18 cm
  Diam. lower roller: 3,5 cm
  Diam. upper roller: 3,5 cm
  Metal plate: 18,6 x 32 x 0,3 cm
  Single Packing: 34 x 22 x 20

Range of school etching presses for manual chalcographic print, suitable for school use and for beginners. Solid steel rollers adjustable on height. Supplied with metal plate.