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Artist Spotlight: Apanaki Temitayo M

Artist Spotlight: Apanaki Temitayo M

Portrait of Apanaki Temitayo M

Apanaki Temitayo M is a Toronto-based multi-disciplinary artist. She is the 1st Artist-In- Wellness for CAMH. Was the 2017/2018 Workman Arts Artist-In-Residence. As part of Workman Arts Art-Cart Program at CAMH, she teaches participants with mental health and drug addiction. 

I am not my hair, Apanaki Temitayo M

Ti Amor: I Am Not My Hair, Apanaki Temitayo M


Ibukun Ami by Apanaki Temitayo M

Ibukun Ami, Apanaki Temitayo M

She has pieces featured at Workman Arts, Being Scene 18th Annual Juried Exhibition 2019 at the TMAC Gallery. Oju Olurun: Eye of God I is currently a part of CAMH Corporate Collection. The Amazing Nina Simone Documentary Film by Jeff Lieberman, with her piece Nina Simone Fragmented

Nina Simone Fragmented by Apanaki Temitayo M

Nina Simone Fragmented, Apanaki Temitayo M

The first woman of colour to be in Room Magazine: Woman of Color Issue for 2016. Oshun Blooming was the face of Grow Room Feminist Literary Festival 2018 in Vancouver, which is a part private collection of Donna Slaught.

Oju Olorun I Apananaki Temitayo M

Oju Olorun I, Apanaki Temitayo M


You can find more of Apanaki Temitayo M's work here: