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Why Gwartzman's Art Nights Will Leave You Creative and Socialized

Why Gwartzman's Art Nights Will Leave You Creative and Socialized

Every Thursday from 5 PM to 7:30 PM ET, Gwartzman’s will be hosting a mixed media art night at our pop-up location at Creeds Cafe, 450 Dupont Street.

Is art making a solitary act? For some, it certainly can be. Attention to detail is important to getting the fine details right, which is why some artists opt for complete isolation when creating. However, creation isn’t just about the act itself. It’s also about connection. 

This is why every Thursday from 5 PM to 7:30 PM ET, Gwartzman’s will be hosting a mixed media art night at our pop-up location at Creeds Cafe, 450 Dupont Street. Now you can enjoy a place to pick up new techniques in art making while meeting creative souls you might not otherwise.

Here’s what creating art with others can do for you and your practice. 

Get Inspired by Others

For newcomers to art, painting and drawing can be an intimidating task. If you have been wanting a chance to get those brushes out and sharpen those pencils, these events are for you. We understand that it can be nerve-wracking to share your new art with people, but we encourage a space that is non-judgmental and open to all different skill levels.

What’s great about creating art with others in a relaxed environment is that there’s no pressure to be a Picasso. Instead, you can pick up new skills and techniques from someone happy to share their experiences with you. In our last mixed media night at our pop-up, we had two painters, one expert, and one self-described hobbyist. What they shared that night wasn’t judgment or competition, but the joy of creating something. The expert was able to share some meaningful advice with the beginner, and the beginner learned new techniques they might not have discovered on their own.

A Chance to Meet New People

Living in a big city can make it challenging to meet new people. Everyone seems busy and on the go. For an artist who already has to create on their own, it can be quite an isolating experience. When Gwartzman’s decided to open a pop-up at Creeds Cafe while our store goes through summer renovations, our goal was to interact with our community more. Cafes have always been a place where artists and visionaries could connect with each other and meet like-minded people. Our store was a place for these vibrant discussions with some of Toronto’s best artists over our 80 years in business. Now that our physical store is closed for the summer, we want to enhance that tradition.

When you come to our art nights at our pop-up, you’re putting yourself out there and allowing yourself to meet other creative people. If you’re more introverted, having a shared hobby like painting and sketching is a great way to break the ice. Delicious coffee and snacks are also available for purchase from Creeds Cafe. The spirit of Gwartzman’s artist community is alive and well over the summer, now served with fresh matcha and friendly banter.

Supplies Will Be Available to Discover

We want to take the stress away from newer artists bringing their own supplies. It can be overwhelming at times to know what is the right type of paint and materials for a new artist who wants to get painting. When you book your spot at our Thursday Art Nights, you will have access to some of our best supplies to try out. This includes oil paints, watercolors, chalk, sugar cane paper, and different types of canvases.

Play is the keyword here. We want to give our guests an opportunity to try and play with a new technique and material that they might not have tried before. Because these materials are provided, there’s no pressure for you to get it right the first time. You might discover an entirely new technique or medium you might not have considered. Enriching your art practice one brush stroke at a time.

Let’s Build a Summer of Community and Creativity at Gwartzman’s Pop-Up Store

"What a wonderful evening. So inspiring to have an opportunity to create with a sampling of new products."

- An Art Night's Attendee 

Join us every Thursday evening for a fun, creative, and social experience at our mixed media art nights. Discover new techniques, meet fellow artists, and enjoy the vibrant atmosphere at Creeds Cafe in The Annex. 

Stay updated on our upcoming Art Nights by following us on social media. We have an exciting event next Thursday featuring The Japanese Paper Place making gorgeous landscape cards with Washi paper. Spots are limited so sign up now! 

We look forward to creating with you.