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Artist Spotlight | Miré Albornoz

Artist Spotlight | Miré Albornoz

Miré Albornoz is best known for her geometric abstract collage and acrylic painting. Her work focuses on pure geometric form, with its two-dimensional flatness reduced to the essential composition and the use of colour as an integral part of expression. Her work shows a clear development over the span of three decades, from the classical to the gradual reduction of elements, a purification influenced by cubism, modern architecture, and mid century expressionism.  

The artist's practice is both additive and reductive, something that collage medium facilitates. She says ''l'm most interested in the finding, the excavation of truths when i practice a certain detachment. unstructured elements oftentimes form part of an order, as they do in nature. so for me, an artist is not so much an inventor as a medium that discovers what already exists, what belongs to everyone". Miré’s intention is to communicate a universal visual language that will transcend the barriers between art and people. They are meant to evoke a subconscious emotional recognition in the viewer.  


Miré Albornoz received her art education at the University of Toronto, School of Fine Arts and Art History, the Universita di Siena, Renaissance Arts program in Italy, the University of Toronto Faculty of Architecture program, the B.Arch program and the University of Toronto Human Rights & Equity program. Miré’s childhood was largely nomadic, with much time spent in a Franco-era Spain in which her family resided, until they immigrated to Canada. 

Her work was featured in the 2006 4th edition of Canasanta Magazine, and exhibitions include the Toronto Art Expo, propeller gallery and the Justina M. Barnicke Gallery. Her works are held in private collections in Canada, US, Spain and Italy. Miré lives and works in Toronto.


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