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Our Artist Community | Patty Wilkinson

Our Artist Community | Patty Wilkinson

I am an oil painter and pencil artist, practicing my art for decades! I started as a high school art teacher in the 90s and, after a hiatus taking care of children and aging parents, got back to the world of art through courses at The Toronto School of art and the three year art adult art program at Central Technical School. Now it’s a daily practice.

My subject matter varies from still life to landscape to portraits, but the one theme that I work with on an ongoing basis deals with the concept of objects and the significance we give them when tied to memory.


From my mother’s teacups, to my father’s binoculars, objects can evoke memories of special people, places or times in our lives. Even the lowly mallow cookie can bring a smile to our face, with memories of childhood and special treats.

I’ve been coming to your store since I was a university student in the late 80s and it’s always my favourite place for art supplies!

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