Show Your Space | Carrie Ellen Mohn

Show Your Space | Carrie Ellen Mohn

Today's Show your Space artist is Carrie Ellen Mohn

"Covid interrupted painting for months as practical matters took precedence. When I was freed up again to paint, I struggled with the relevance of producing luxury goods during these times. However, as a consequence I was able to rediscover original motivations for painting, simple pleasure for myself and my loved ones. This is a blessing that's arisen personally from darkness of the pandemic.⁠

I am fortunate to have a full bedroom for permanent use as a studio, and use the space to it's maximum. ⁠
Carrie Ellen Mohn's studio

My easel was purchased at Gwartzman's in 1990 and has made each of my moves around Canada and the US. The "taboret" is jerry-rigged from our file cabinet, a bathroom vanity with door removed, and a plywood top.⁠

When All is Well, Carrie Ellen Mohn

When All Is Well, Carrie Ellen Mohn

I attempted painting in high school and it affected every day of my life since. I have had varied careers as a nurses aide, art supply store clerk including Gwartzman's Art and Canvas in 1990-91, in printing, and for the International Union of Painters and Allied Trades in commercial painting. I graduated with a BFA in Painting and Drawing from the University of Minnesota.⁠

Satisfaction, Carrie Ellen Mohn

Satisfaction, Carrie Ellen Mohn

Mid-life, finding work restoring the drywall and paint of a 12-bedroom home in New Jersey, I was able to attend part-time classes in New York City at Grand Central Atelier. A cast-drawing class taught at Great Lakes Academy of Fine Art in Duluth by Devin Cecil-Wishing was also instrumental in my work.⁠

cast drawing carrie ellen mohn
⁠Cast drawing, Carrie Ellen Mohn

forty five miles an hour, carrie ellen mohn

Forty-Five Miles an Hour, Carrie Ellen Mohn

afterward, carrie ellen mohn

Afterward, Carrie Ellen Mohn

Brockway Show Stealer, Carrie Ellen Mohn

Brockway Show Stealer, Carrie Ellen Mohn

Song for the Maker, Carrie Ellen Mohn

Prior to that I created “Song for the Maker: an Alphabet”, and illustrated adaptation of Psalm 148. My other projects include a series of fictitious 19th century trademarks of occupations and companies of Upper Michigan. I presently concentrate on oil painting, documenting the Keweenaw Peninsula Michigan landscape on site or in the studio from photographs. My husband takes terrific photographs of the region and we enjoy the area together."

Carrie's work can be found on her website and on Facebook.