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Get Sketchy: Best Sketchbooks from Gwartzman's Summer Pop-Up Store

Get Sketchy: Best Sketchbooks from Gwartzman's Summer Pop-Up Store

With the summer months upon us, it's the perfect time to embrace the outdoors and indulge in plein air painting and sketching. Having the right sketchbook is essential for capturing those spontaneous moments of creativity while on the go. Here's a selection of sketchbooks you can find at our summer pop-up store!

With the summer months upon us, it's the perfect time to embrace the outdoors and indulge in plein air painting and sketching. Having the right sketchbook is essential for capturing those spontaneous moments of creativity while on the go. Whether you're exploring the city, hiking through nature, or enjoying a day at the beach, a well-chosen sketchbook can make all the difference. At Gwartzman's Summer Pop-Up Store, we offer a diverse selection of sketchbooks tailored to meet the needs of every artist. 

Join us as we explore some of the best options available to help you make the most of your summer art adventures.

SM-LT Sketchbooks from Lithuania

SM-LT, a renowned company from Lithuania, has developed a unique and ethical business structure that sets it apart in the industry. With around eighty employees, the company fosters an informal and open environment where everyone is involved in business planning at all levels. Employees have the freedom to explore different roles within the company, enhancing their motivation and ability to contribute valuable solutions for consumers. SM-LT's unconventional business model, created from scratch, emphasizes employee freedom and creativity, leading to the development of exceptional products.

Among SM-LT's impressive lineup, their sketchbooks are a true standout for the artist on the go. Each product is meticulously crafted with an authentic minimalist design, natural materials, and functional solutions. One notable product available at Gwartzman's Summer Pop-Up Store is the SM-LT Layflat Sketchbook. This sketchbook is designed to lay perfectly flat when open, making it ideal for creating panoramic drawings across double pages. It is suited for most dry media, including pencils, pens, chalks, and charcoal. The sketchbook features 48 sheets of 100gsm, 100% recycled paper with a slight grey tone and light texture, providing a unique drawing experience. Measuring 14x14cm (5.8x5.8"), this portable and environmentally friendly sketchbook is perfect for capturing your artistic visions on the go.

The Japanese Paper Place - Chiyogami Journal

The Japanese Paper Place, known for its exquisite paper products, offers a stunning Chiyogami Journal available at Gwartzman's Summer Pop-Up Store. This handy little notebook is a masterpiece of traditional Japanese craftsmanship, featuring a cover adorned with beautiful chiyogami paper. Chiyogami, a hand-silkscreened decorative paper, adds a touch of elegance and cultural richness to the journal.

Inside the journal, you'll find 40 pages of smooth, cream-coloured washi paper. Washi paper, known for its durability and quality, is perfect for both writing and sketching. The Chiyogami Journal, measuring 5x7", is compact and portable, making it an excellent companion for artists and writers on the go. Its combination of aesthetic appeal and functionality makes it a standout choice for anyone looking to capture their creative ideas in style.

Etchr - Perfect Sketchbooks

For artists seeking top-tier sketchbooks, Etchr’s Perfect Sketchbooks are a must-have, available at Gwartzman's Summer Pop-Up Store. These sketchbooks are designed by artists for artists, emphasizing quality and functionality to meet the diverse needs of creative professionals.

Etchr's Perfect Sketchbooks are hardbound and feature a wide-angle landscape format, making them ideal for both dry and wet media. The sketchbooks contain 44 pages of 300gsm (140lb) cold press paper, which is archival grade and made from 100% cotton, ensuring durability and excellent performance for various artistic techniques. Each sketchbook also includes an expandable inner pocket for storing loose sketches and notes, and is encased in a polyurethane leather cover, offering a sleek and professional appearance.

Etchr's commitment to quality over quantity shines through in their Perfect Sketchbook line, providing artists with a virtually perfect tool to capture their creativity.

Choosing the Right Supplies for Your Sketchbook

Selecting the right paints and pens to complement your sketchbook is crucial for achieving the best results in your artwork. For traditional sketchbooks, watercolours and inks are excellent choices due to their versatility and vibrant outcomes. 

At Gwartzman's Summer Pop-Up Store, you can find a wide range of Van Gogh watercolours and Octopus Fluids inks that pair beautifully with any sketchbook. Additionally, high-quality drawing pens like those from Faber Castell are perfect for intricate line work and detailing. Whether you're using watercolours for fluid, expressive paintings or pens for precise sketches, our pop-up store has all the essential supplies to bring your creative visions to life.

Ready to elevate your summer sketching sessions? 


Visit Gwartzman's Summer Pop-Up Store to pick up these fantastic sketchbooks and a wide range of art supplies perfect for any artistic endeavour. Whether you're drawn to the minimalist design of SM-LT, the exquisite Chiyogami journals from The Japanese Paper Place, or the premium quality of Etchr's Perfect Sketchbooks, we have everything you need to spark your creativity. 

Find us at Creeds Café, in the Annex on 450 Dupont Street, Toronto, open every day from 10 AM to 6 PM. Don't miss out on the chance to stock up on top-tier sketchbooks and art supplies this summer. See you there!