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Our Artist Community | Bev Thibault

Our Artist Community | Bev Thibault

Invisible. That’s how I felt upon resigning from my dream job at age 40 so my husband could further his career. These feelings of invisibility, irrelevancy, intensified when attending hubby’s work functions, consuming media or viewing art - older women were seen as grannies but nothing else!


Where were the images of women like me ~ older, maybe, but living lives filled with fun, frolic and friendship. Finding none, I picked up my brush and began creating images of women loving their lives.

Most recently, I am drawn to creating pieces that celebrate the power of older women, challenging societal norms, experiencing aspects of life and culture that defy the notions of growing older.

In 2007, upon leaving the public service, Bev returned to a childhood pastime ~ art. Having taught herself to paint, Bev works in oil & acrylic to create paintings that validate “invisible” women ~ those with wrinkles & rolls, who yearn for adventures outside the nursery. 

Influences include Singer-Sargent and Sorolla. She has studied with Anne Magill, David Shevlino, and Maggie Siner.

Bev’s work is in private collections across Canada, Europe and the United States.

For more of Bev's work:
Instagram: @bevtbopaints
Facebook: @bevtbopaints