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Our Artist Community | Rae White

Our Artist Community | Rae White

Rae White lives in Toronto, Canada. They have a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the University of Ottawa and a Certificate in Pre-Animation & Illustration from Algonquin College.

Rae's work has been exhibited in the University of Ottawa's 2018 graduate exhibition "VOIX" as well as in Gallery 1313’s 2021 exhibition “SUMMERTIME”.

Artist Statement
Our identities are pieced together from our experiences and our interactions with others, and they vary and change throughout our lives as we grow and develop. In my work I use drawing assemblage combined with variations of mythological narrative to explore this idea of identity as a construct by destabilizing the body; rearranging, shifting colours and shapes. It has been traditionally held that bodies are one thing or the other, fat or thin, male or female, or are transitioning with the goal of becoming static and categorizable. I want to create bodies in my
work that are ambiguous and in a constant state of becoming that defies the staticity of binary transition. They are an exploration into my relationship with my own gender-nonconforming body and how it informs my identity as I move through the world.


Instagram: @half_headed